Educational Awards


Wiatel Educational Awards

Seniors in high school whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have WIATEL service(s) may apply to their high school guidance counselor to be considered for one of our scholarships. We give 2 $500 scholarships each year at each of the following schools: Lawton-Bronson, Woodbury-Central, Westwood, West Monona, Maple Valley, and Kingsley-Pierson. Click here for a printable application or ask your high school guidance counselor for one.

Click here to download an Educational Award Application!

Schools and Libraries Receive free DSL and/or T1's

Wiatel provides each of its two member libraries and 3 schools with free Internet access whether it be by DSL or T1's.


Iowa Communications Alliance Scholarship Program

The Iowa Communications Alliance is offering a $2,500 scholarship for high school seniors or students currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning for children of parents who receive telecommunication services from a Iowa Communication Alliance member (Wiatel is a member). The scholarship is intended to support a student who also expresses an interest to live and work in a rural community following graduation from college. For a copy of the application, click here.


Iowa High School Students are Honored by Iowa Network Services

Visit INS Superior Student to nominate a student in your school. Iowa Network Services honors a Superior Student of the Month, teams across Iowa in the INS Wild Card Game of the Week, and Iowa Athletes in the INS Player of the Week.

Iowa Network Services also offers 5 $1,000 scholarships through their Essay Contest. Follow this link for an application and more information.